Crowns and Bridges

Cosmetic dentistry is the art of creating a beautiful smile done through the use of crowns, veneers, or porcelain restorations. Whether it’s a discolored tooth, crack, or gap, we can help. In performing this service, we are able to not only change the shape and colour of your teeth but also restore your confidence as we understand that you often don’t have control over what causes some of these dental imperfections.

If the conservative methods of restoration aren’t enough, we are available to help you through the use of crowns and bridges. Bridges are artificial teeth that fill in the gap of a missing tooth and are connected to the teeth on either side of the gap to ensure stability and a seamless finish. Crowns are restorations placed over the tooth and assist not only with aesthetic needs but also with general hygiene and mouth health. They protect what is left of the natural tooth in the case of a tooth that has been root canaled or if a large filling has broken off leaving the natural, chipped tooth exposed and vulnerable.


Endodontics, also known as root canal treatments, is generally needed when large holes in the tooth have reached internal nerves and cause spontaneous pain and tenderness. It can be due to a multitude of things, such as trauma to the tooth, infection or inflammation of the surrounding gums. If treated timeously, endodontics treatment can often be pain-free and result in long term satisfaction. The treatment occurs in three stages, firstly to remove the dead or damaged tissues within the tooth followed by sterilisation and reshaping of the internal tooth structure and finished by permanently sealing the nerve canals to prevent any further problems.


Implantology is a permanent solution for missing teeth. Whilst there are obvious aesthetic positives of receiving dental implants, the open spaces left by missing teeth not only impact your smile but leave your gums vulnerable to infection, resulting in further tooth loss. Implants are inserted under your gums and then have crowns or bridges attached for permanent fixtures and complete the natural look, feel and function.